Analyzing the Domain Whois System

//Analyzing the Domain Whois System

Analyzing the Domain Whois System

If you’ve been using the Internet for a while, there’s a great chance that you have heard about Domain Whois. This is a specially designed system which provides information about the owner of specific domain names. So, this is a system which is completely open to the public and literally, anyone can check this information.

In case you are interested in registering a domain name, and that name is already in use, you can use Domain Whois to find who the current owner is. It is possible that the domain name is owned by a company or even a few companies that have specific business relations. This is typical for larger websites. On the other hand, domains can be owned by individuals too. Regardless of the ownership status, it is possible that the owner may be interested in selling that domain name. So, by using the information found on the Domain Whois system, you will be able to get in touch with that person.

Some people use the Domain Whois system to find out whether the domain you are interested in is available and not owned by another person or organization at the moment. In some cases, the domain name is deleted and this means that you can become an owner. So, the Domain Whois system provides valuable information to the public especially to those who want to purchase domain names.

But, there are many domain owners who are wondering whether they can hide their personal information in the Whois system. They don’t want to share this information with the public for more than one reason. For instance, many of them know that this information is used by scammers, spammers and other individuals and groups who are trying to take advantage.

There are also people who are protecting their personal information by providing inaccurate or completely false information. This is definitely not a good practice because if someone wants to buy the domain name from you they won’t be able to get in touch with you. In addition, if the Domain Whois system figures out that the information you’ve shared is wrong they may delete your ownership from their registry.

The only legal way to keep your privacy in cases like this is to use the Domain Whois privacy protection option. For a small fee, you can hide this personal information and make it unavailable to the public.

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